The Hyper Vision Diary

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Ahh, there was no doubt about it.  No one was around to board the elevator, not any humans nor any ghosts — the ritual was a failure.

He’d memorized the steps so perfectly though, hadn’t he?  Yes, there was no mistake about that.  A-ya wasn’t the one at fault, but merely, the ritual proved to be a hoax.  That… wasn’t really anything surprising, however.  Anyone would be skeptical of some shady occult ritual posted on the internet.  Yes, it was merely something that he’d chosen to do that night just to pass the time — not because he’d actually believed…

… though, even while knowing that, he still kind of wished he could return to before he knew the truth.  After all, rumors hung suspended in between what could be the “truth” and what could be a “lie”.  The best part was not knowing which it really was…


The boy sighed and sat himself down on a box.  Consulting his phone, its screen illuminated his face.  There was still quite some time remaining before he had to go and “wake up for school”…

Wait a second, he thought.  The rumor may not have been a complete lie.  After all, somebody did appear in the building, didn’t they?  An unknown person was still likely lurking around the area, and probably aware of A-ya’s presence.  He hadn’t come out with a ghost, but he would at least come out with his life!

He had to get out now!  At that moment, however, something in the corner of his eye sparkled, reflecting the light of his phone — revealing the hiding enemy’s presence, so close to where he’d been sitting, and it was…

… a small… child?


"… A ghost…?"

For that brief second, A-ya merely stood there and doubted his eyes.

As the steps came closer and closer, his fingers would grip the scissors tighter and tighter. His hands were held so close to his chest and the rapid thumps of heart beats were just so evident as they pounded through his flesh. They were so close now…it would only be a matter of time in which he would be forced to face his enemies in hand to hand combat. Though…he was four years old! Four years old and only a little above three feet tall! He wouldn’t stand a chance!

Maybe he had something in his bag? He hadn’t anticipated the possibility of another Diary holder in his premises. He doubted if he actually had anything of use. He wouldn’t dare move though; much less actually try to open up his belongings, for fear of making a single noise.

Amidst all the fear, one thing did stick out in his mind. His diary…it hadn’t went off? It hadn’t given off that ominous buzz that would only signal misfortune in his future.

Perhaps he wouldn’t die?

Maybe…just maybe…he had a chance?

The steps only increased in volume before ceasing entirely; ending in the subtle thump of something hitting the crate.

The crate in which he was hiding behind.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as the boy slowly turned his head to meet with his possible future-demise. Green eyes met with red, both with the same exact feeling evident in their eyes. Confusion.




"Hehe! Of course I can! Look!" he lifted up both his legs and swung them back and forth. Didn’t really make it any easier to play with, but he was still having fun. 


Huh…okay, he could actually play with the monkey bars! Reisuke doubted it, but there he was, watching the older boy swing from bar to bar as he crossed over to the other side.

"Can I try, Nii-chan?"


Looking at the boy’s excitement,he smiled to himself.’Um… need help opening the can,anyway?’he asked the shorter one.Seems he’s a kid,and two puppets on both of his hands,probably could be a little harder to open it.

While waiting for the boy’s answer,he asked the boy something.’Um,kid,what’s your name anyway?I’m pretty tired saying yourself a ‘kid’.

With a shake of his head, Leisure took off one of the puppets that covered his hands. Raising his hand now, he placed the puppet on top of his hat before opening the soda can with his now free hand.

Of course, he was still just a little suspicious. That’s why he didn’t let the other touch the drink.

He was still listening to the other as he took a few sips of the fizzy beverage. He probably should tell the other his name…

"My name is Reisuke!" he chimed.


♛;  Even for a little boy, Reisuke should have known better than to trust any of the fabricated denizens of the gallery — even if a few of them seemed perfectly harmless. 

          C O M E           R E I S U K E ♪

w h a t    a r e
                          y o u    w a i t i n g    
                                                              f o r ?

     t h i s   g a m e   w i l l      g e t   d u l l   i f   y o u   d o n ’ t  

                                               h u r r y !

Out of the silence, the sound of static came from the backpack the boy carried over his puny shoulders. From behind the safety of the mannequin’s curvy legs, she observed the other child as he reached for a book within the contents of his backpack.

That noise… couldn’t have come from a picture book. Even the painting herself would know that books of any sorts possibly couldn’t produce sound.


Whatever the book contained, though, must have had something to do with her, judging by the grave expression that illustrated Reisuke’s features. 

Mary couldn’t stab him…could she?

No! There was absolutely no way she could!

She was just a child! Just like himself!

Her thoughts would have been of teacups and dresses and dolls and just…little girl things! They wouldn’t be filled with hatred and murder and blood-lust! No child would have dreamed of those things, much less try to carry them out!

…Did he just describe himself?

Perhaps he wasn’t the only child here capable of slaughter.

If the Future Diary rang true…then he was at a major disadvantage and he knew it. Mary wasn’t tall nor was she capable of just lifting him up and tossing him at a wall or anything like that. Though, she knew this place better than he did. She knew of all the nooks, crannies and little places to stalk him from.

She could be right behind him.

With those fearful thoughts in mind, Reisuke walked right out of the room. He had to find a way out of this place. Hands slipped into the pockets of his dress, pulling out a pair of scissors. Just in case he would need to defend himself.

What kind of Father am I? @Reisuke


Azure saw a familiar green dress running away, he has to hurry, that poison will kill him soon if he doesn’t hurry he will loose the one thing he cares for the most in the world. He jumps from building to building before reaching the alley way where Rei hid and looks down. He says a man with a crow bar and with a bottle of beer in his hand walking drunkly towards the trash can Rei was in. The man sees the boy and grabs him by the dress, throwing him against the wall “The FUCK you doing here, little shit?!” the man asks throwing the bottle at the wall, missing Reisuke’s body.


"Reisuke!" He calls in fear, his voice barely audible

From the depths of the trash can, the child’s eyes widened as a hand reached out to him. It grabbed the green cloth of his dress in his hands, promptly yanking him right out with a yelp.

Rather than the man he had been running from this entire time, Reisuke found himself face to face with a drunken man. Though, that sight would only last for a second, for he felt his fragile body slam against the brick walls between them. With a groan of pain, the boy tried his best to sit up. Spinning visions made it so much harder to accomplish that though.

This was not the way he wanted to go. Why couldn’t the poison just stop his heart already?


Maybe one day little guy!

"I think you will, Mister John!"



"Aren’t you gonna play on some of the toys? These things are so much fun!" he laughed as he ran towards the monkey bars. If only his friends could see him now. He would never hear the end of it.


Seeing the older boy unexpectedly run off, Reisuke quickly followed behind him, only stopping when the other did. He found himself standing right besides the monkey bars that were about as high up as the boy was tall. Now how was he going to play with that?

"Kousaka-niichan, are you sure you can actually…play with that?"

"It doesn’t look high enough…"


Reisuke’s ignorance didn’t surprise her. He was nothing but a baby, after all, and babies knew nothing. They had yet to learn the knowledge the world had to share. Maybe Mary would have to be his teacher for now. She was surely qualified to do the job, as she’d learned how to do it from the Ladies. 

"Painting food is what you’ll become if you get too close to my relatives. They’ll munch on you until there isn’t anything left." 


"And.. their favourite food is babies.”

Perhaps intimidating him wasn’t the best way to teach, but it was Mary’s way. 

"Painting food is what you’ll become if you get too close to my relatives. They’ll munch on you until there isn’t anything left."

That…wasn’t what he wanted to hear.

The entire time he was here, Reisuke hadn’t thought that there was any immediate threat to his life. Of course, it was a dangerous situation not knowing where one was and being completely in the dark. Though, he had not been warned of a DEAD END and he had not seen such danger in this place. Especially with this seemingly innocent girl. However, it seemed as if he was terribly wrong.


Perhaps he should try to leave on his own.